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Mary Ann Sartori, M.A., LPC-S
Doctor of Educational Leadership

About Our Founder and President

       In the summer of 1995, Mary Ann Hunt-Sartori moved from Louisiana, to Texas, following a divorce. She brought with her three athletic, academic, and, seemingly, well adjusted adolescent children. Shortly after they settled into the area, her children began to struggle behaviorally and academically. They had difficulty feeling accepted by peers and dropped out of extracurricular activities. Mary Ann sought help from schools, churches, counselors, and friends. She soon learned others did not know how to help, did not have time to help, or were just too overwhelmed with their own personal lives. She was determined to find answers and began attending parenting and psychology workshops and seminars. Ultimately she found she needed to learn more and decided to pursue her degree in counseling. From her personal experienes grew a passion to share her experiences, strength, hope, and knowledge with other families facing similar struggles, hoping to help them avoid "walking the walk" she and her children walked. Thus began her path toward establishing her own counseling practice.

About Family & Youth Institute, LLC

         FYI began as a one-person counseling agency in 2003 with Mary Ann Sartori seeing two or three clients at night each week while working as a school counselor. She soon learned she needed therapists experienced in a variety of specialties to meet the needs of the community. From this grew her dream to build a practice offering a comprehensive set of services to help individuals, couples, and families from all walks of life. Today, FYI has many licensed therapists, therapist interns, and mental health professionals, each with a unique skill set and life experiences, and four Licensed Professional Interns. In keeping with current demand, FYI has addded a Life Coaching component to its services through the FYI Learning Zone. All clieof our therapists and life coaches are client centered and work together to help people find creative solutions to today's challenges. Reach out and let us help you learn more about yourself and mange your walk through life.

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Mary Ann Sartori 

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