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Wellness stretches far beyond what can be seen on the outside.  Mental health is a major component in one’s overall well-being.  The tip of the iceberg that can be seen above the surface of the water does not adequately show all that is occurring below the surface.  What is the foundation of your iceberg?  Do you need to strengthen some areas in order to improve your wellness? 

Locating and effectively utilizing resources are a key to positive change.  Seeking counseling can help kick start the process of the adjustments you hope to make!  Allow me the opportunity to listen and help you to champion the balance toward wellness that can strengthen your foundation.

I am a wife of over 30 years and a mother of three college-aged young adults.  My undergraduate degree in Kinesiology had a primary focus of physical health.  My husband served during Desert Storm in the United States Air Force.  Living abroad and enduring the many challenges, we were fortunate enough to land back in the United States to start a family.

I have been blessed to work with students, athletes, and parents for over two decades. Recently, as our own family matured my own focus shifted.  My professional philosophy has always revolved around helping others achieve his/her next level.  This has been applied as a coach and a teacher.  I hold a Master of Education, which includes extensive training in counseling.  Additionally, I am a Certified School Counselor.  My training, knowledge and skills gained throughout my career are the foundation for my philosophies as a Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate.

I value selecting a compatible approach to counseling, often utilizing Solution Focused and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies to guide growth and positive change you are seeking!